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The Pet Care and Training industry is one where buyers are dedicated and passionate. Kingdom of Pets has a selection of top quality downloadable guides and resources targeted at Dogs, Cats, or Fish that are proven to be very popular and successful.

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Kingdom of Pets:

We’re not just animal experts, we’re animal lovers too!

How does the Affiliate Program work?

The Kingdom of Pets Affiliate Program provides affiliates with an income stream through commissions made on sales of Kingdom of Pets products.

You can promote Kingdom of Pets’ products in a number of ways - the best method for you depends on your budget, the time you have to devote to your campaign, your knowledge of affiliate marketing, and also your desired outcome. Common methods include review sites, SEO, Blogs, and social media.

When a visitor clicks through to the Kingdom of Pets site using your unique affiliate url a cookie is stored on their computer. Then, if the visitor buys the product you’re promoting from Kingdom of Pets any time within the next 60 days you get paid a commission. It’s that easy!

We continually optimize our site to ensure the best conversion rates, and several of our products have free trials with accompanying introductory newsletters which increase the chance of conversion within those first 60 days.

Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • The Kingdom of Pets Affiliate Program is free and easy to join
  • Commission: Industry Leading Commissions
  • Available Creatives: Banners, images, hoplink generators and text links in all the standard sizes for all of our languages, Free Trial Sign Up form, re-brandable language learning eBook
  • Allowed Campaign Types: Website, blog, review articles, email, SEM, PPC (no direct linking), Social media.
  • Affiliate Approval: Manually reviewed by our staff.
  • Affiliate Newsletter: Weekly newsletter including information on SEO, search engines and emails.
  • Support: We have a dedicated affiliate manager waiting to help.
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