The Ultimate House Training Guide

From the creators of Secrets to Dog Training one of the premier dog training guides on the market today having sold over 65,107 copies and counting, comes: The Ultimate House Training Guide.

House Training your Dog: Getting it
Right the First Time, in No Time.

You Don’t Need the Stress, and You Sure Don’t Need the Mess…

Book CoverHave you had enough of picking up piles and soaking up stains? Of keeping constant watch over an unpredictable pup? Of returning home to that awful smell?

Well, your carpet cleaning and odor killing days are numbered. Soon you’ll be able to focus on what really matters when it comes to dog ownership: companionship, NOT cleaning.

The Ultimate House Training Guide IS the ultimate resource for ensuring your house training experience is positive and problem-free, from day one.

No other guide on the market is as comprehensive and easy-to-follow.

This fully-illustrated, 120-page guide gathers together knowledge and advice from veterinarians and professional dog trainers, as well as years of case studies from clients, bringing you an essential resource for new dog owners.

Whether you’ve had trouble house training your dog, or are ready to train a new puppy, the training program outlined in this guide will, without a doubt, work for you.

What’s more, you can download the guide in minutes, and SAVE yourself not only the cost of a professional trainer, but also the ongoing cost of cleaning products and potentially even vet bills when things go wrong.

The greatest value to you, however, is the lasting peace of mind that an effective and efficient house training program will bring, to you and your pet. At the end of the day, your dog WANTS to please you – but it’s up to you to show them how.

You don’t need to take our word for it either – the Ultimate House Training guide has brought peace of mind to tens of thousands of people just like you – below are just some of their stories

Success Story #1: Adrian Barrett

"This product is superb and for numerous reasons. The illustrated diagrams and easy to follow guide in each chapter clearly shows you the step-by-step process for properly training your puppy."


"Hi there everybody,

My name is Adrian Barrett and I just want to give a quick word of thanks for The Ultimate House Training Guide. I can now say that this house training guide for puppies and dog's alike has put my mind to rest. Not only that, it saves me of the "would be" cost of dishing out $300 to $400 dollars for some so called "professional" dog training school. Not to mention the side bonus of learning from the comfort of my own home.

This product is superb and for numerous reasons. The illustrated diagrams and easy to follow guide in each chapter clearly shows you the step-by-step process for properly training your puppy. I also like the little bits of humor that are added throughout!

With detailed explanations covering every aspect of puppy behavior, this product will give you the needed knowledge in order to keep your pet from tearing apart your house. You will learn when to feed your puppy, when to begin training, how to cope with anxiety of a new pet and so much more.

But most importantly, the biggest benefit taken away from this product is the peace of mind. I now do not have to worry about a new puppy or a new dog. I know that my house and my sanity will be at peace because I have the ultimate training guide to look at. Whether you are new to the wonderful world of pet keeping, or an expert dog trainer, this book has something for everyone. Thanks again guys for making puppy training so much fun."

-- Adrian Barrett (CANADA)

Success Story #2: Marie & Russell Murphy

"The simple rules of your book have had an amazing effect on the behavior of our dogs and us as well."

MarieWe recently purchased your house training book because we were at our wits end with our younger dog Claude, who had developed severe separation anxiety as was destroying our furniture and my mind! Claude was not only chewing the furniture but weeing on it as well. The simple rules of your book have had an amazing effect on the behavior of our dogs and us as well. By following these, we have got our lives back to normal and we are all much happier!

Once again, thank you so much. We really do appreciate the advice and insights that you have!

Kindest regards,

-- Marie & Russell Murphy (AUSTRALIA)

Success Story #3: Fransisco Brevoort

"There is so much more positive result with Fabio using your techniques..."

FransiscoThis is my second Westie puppy 'Fabio' and even though I have toilet trained many dogs before I still have a lot to learn, with my first Westie 'Bruno' I have been using the old standard method which seems to work eventually..., but my relationship with Bruno is not wonderful as it is with my new puppy 'Fabio' because he still have a sense of 'fear' towards me even though I haven't been punishing him for a long time. There is so much more positive result with Fabio using your techniques, within a couple of weeks I'm confident to leave him alone as long as he has access to toilet areas.

I was surprised how little time it took, but best of all Fabio show a lot of love and affection towards me as I don't have to be the 'bad guy' anymore while house training him.

I highly recommend this book for anyone that is seeking help with house training, I was surprised with the amount of content I have received, it has quickly solved my house training problems and correcting all the mistakes I have been doing. Thanks again !

-- Fransisco Brevoort

Success Story #4: Sally-Ann Ford

"I would like to say how valuable it is to dip into your book."

MollyI was delighted to read your latest publication and found the information invaluable. To be offered a variety of ways of approaching housetraining helps in numerous ways. I recently adopted an adult rescue dog, Molly, who came to me with a multitude of psychological problems and who, unlike my other older bitch, Lilith, did not understand my old and conventional training (feeding and then going out for a walk and toilet) but who would constantly urinate and defecate in the house, regardless of having just come in from a long walk. Following your guidelines closely, together with a great deal of patience, she overcame all her anxieties.

I also found that during the period of introducing Molly into our household came, too, the nightmare of territorial urinating by Lilith. Again, I returned to your training regime to correct Lili's lapses and the result is two happy and very content bitches. I would like to say how valuable it is to dip into your book. It should be remembered that the dogs are an integral part of our lives and with changes in our own lives (moving house, divorce, illness) can come too disruption and insecurities in theirs. Sometimes returning to basics and reminding them of some simple rules can give them such security and reassurance.

With good wishes and many thanks,

-- Sally-Ann Ford

Success Story #5: Donna Spencer

"The biggest benefit from The Ultimate House Training Guide course for me was the easy- to-read format, quickly being able to go exactly to the information needed."

DonnaI'm pleased to have the opportunity to personally indorse The Ultimate HouseTraining Guide. I was first introduced to the Secrets To Dog Training guide Dog Obedience Training by one of our local sheriff's deputy. I still find myself referring to this guide. When I was made aware of the next guide, The Ultimate House Training Guide, I didn't hesitate to obtain it as I was confident the advice would be beneficial - even now that my puppy, Fiona, has almost reached that first year milestone. I immediately went to the chapter dealing with accidents, which is where we are presently.Just when you think you can predict their every behavior, it changes.

I was relieved to learn Fiona will outgrow this phase of over-excitement urination once she is older as long as I do my job and avoid harsh punishment. The biggest benefit from The Ultimate House Training Guide course for me was the easy- to-read format, quickly being able to go exactly to the information needed. I never knew beforehand that your puppy would learn quicker by returning to the same area each time. When we traveled to our beach home, I picked out the "potty area" there and had no lapse in progress. If you choose to purchase The Ultimate House Training Guide, you will get step-by-step instructions, covering all possible areas you will encounter. You won't just read it once, you will find yourself referring to it over and over again, finding the information you need quickly. You will have all the knowledge to house train your puppy or dog with confidence.

-- Donna Spencer

About the Author:

Martin 'Scoop' Olliver is an animal behaviorist, author, and expert on all things canine. Currently located in the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand, Scoop focuses on canine and feline psychology and behavior, and loves helping animals and their people. What that really means is that if you have a problem with the way your dog or cat is behaving; Scoop Olliver is your man...

Starting with his own experiences as a pet owner, and developed through working with other people and their pets, and formal academic training, Scoop Olliver has a wealth of experience working with all kinds of pets. But dogs will always be his first love.

Scoop knows that the way a dog behaves is directly related to how the dog feels. What you see is your dog relieving himself on your favorite rug... what Scoop sees is a complex combination of environmental and constitutional factors that culminate in a puddle on the floor. Sort out those factors and the puddle will take care of itself.

In between his own consulting work, Scoop Olliver is also an established expert author for Kingdom of Pets – contributing to our best-selling Secrets to Dog Training ebook in addition to being the brains behind The Ultimate House Training Guide.

A note from Scoop Olliver:

I’ll never forget the day I took home my first adopted dog, a Labrador and Rottweiler mix named Lea, who had been given up by its owners. She was a truly gorgeous animal, and the day I found her at the dog shelter she was just sitting in the middle of her kennel, the only quiet dog amid a concert of barking kennel mates. She looked at me with that perfect dog eye contact, as if to say “Well, it’s about time!”

I was fresh out of school and had no idea what “submissive urination” and “separation anxiety” were, but these were the problems – along with a few others I don’t recall – that I was warned about when I took her home three days later. At the shelter, they also told me that they were not sure exactly how old the puppy was (they estimated eight or 10 months), and they were not sure what training, if any, she had.

In my mind, I had taken home an adorable fur ball that could do no wrong. I soon found out that I had an un-trained dog that came with seemingly endless weeks of accidents inside the house (once when I was away she relieved herself right on a book I was reading!). It’s not that I didn’t get it all sorted in the end. I did, and I wound up with an incredibly intelligent and reliable companion. It’s just that when I was trying to train her, a lot of the stuff I tried – and a lot of the frustration I endured – didn’t feel right at the time. And it wasn’t.

I didn’t know nearly enough to train her properly from the start, and the consequence was a lot of stress and confusion for both owner and pet, and a training period that took much, much longer than it ever should have.

Since then, I have not only helped myself by learning effective and lasting methods for house training that I apply with every dog I adopt, but as a practicing dog trainer, I have also helped countless others house train new members of their family. Whether they are new puppies straight from the store or breeder, adopted dogs with a difficult history, or simply adult dogs who have fallen back on bad habits, I have helped these owners meet the challenge of house training by sharing the necessary knowledge and experience.

Yours Sincerely,


Martin 'Scoop' Olliver
Kingdom of Pets, Ltd.

It is thought that dogs were domesticated from wolves as much as 100,000 years ago, which means we’ve been living with and around dogs for quite some time. Of course, that’s still an awful long time before we had leather couches, Persian carpets, and condominiums!

So it would seem we’ve got a huge challenge on our hands (or at least on our floors), and asking for trouble every time we introduce a new dog in to our unfamiliar modern-age “dens.” But that’s not necessarily the case.

Dogs are INTELLIGENT animals. And, generally, they are CLEAN animals too.

They don’t want a mess any more than you do. Most of all, they are loyal and devoted. They don’t want to upset the one person who matters most in their lives - you.

Accidents will happen. But not for very long, provided you follow the RIGHT PROGRAM for your dog and your situation. In this guide…

You’ll learn:

  • How to put an end to your puppy or adult dog’s indoor accidents, and how to better communicate with your dog in the process.
  • Why the most common reaction to accidents is also the least correct.
  • Why the greatest risk is often not a matter of whether or not your puppy will learn, but rather how much confusion and stress your training methods may cause.
  • Why “confinement” doesn’t mean the same thing to you as it does to your dog.
  • How even positive reinforcement (the way you pet your dog) can be physically intimidating if not done properly.
  • Which products may help you in the house training process, and which may be a waste of your money

You’ll get:

  • A comprehensive explanation of the 3 proven house training methods: you’ll be able to decide which method will work best for you and your dog.
  • Solutions to all kinds of common problems associated with house training
  • Illustrated, step-by-step instructions (featuring “Spot-less,” the Kingdom of Pets Spokespuppy).
  • Free email access to our Dog Forums.
  • Bonus section that includes transcripts of individual case studies and clients’ questions answered personally by Scoop Olliver or one of our other experts.
  • No Questions Asked Refund if you are not Satisfied with Your Purchase (If your dog lifts a leg in your home in the future, we guarantee it will only be to shake your hand!).

The guide even comes with an “Officially House Trained”
CERTIFICATE for your successfully-trained dog!


Your GUARANTEE : 60 Day Instant Money-Back Guarantee

MOney BackTake up to 60 days to examine and use the dog house training information, tips, and techniques in The Ultimate House Training Guide. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, we will refund your order in full.

We’re that confident. It’s that simple.


Consider Some of the BENEFITS of Downloading Books Online

Scoop is an outdoor person. He spends much more time in-field with his dogs than he does in front of a computer screen. But he understands the convenience and cost-effectiveness of publishing and selling books online (and it took some real convincing at first!). Ebooks are easier to find, easier to buy, and they cost much less, for both reader and publisher, making your dog house training goal that bit more attainable…

Think about it:

  • Zero shipping costs.
  • No waiting time.
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  • A lower price to you, because lower publication costs for us.
  • Clear instructions and technical support every step of the way.

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Summing Up - You'll Receive...

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