Barks & howls in Kennel intermittently at night

Posted by AMc
Sep 21, 2018
We have a ~7 month old lab mix rescue pup who barks and howls at random times in his kennel in the night. Have had him for 4 weeks. We have tried increasing his daytime exercise, regular schedule /bedtime, making the Kennel fun (treats, gradual intro, feeding in the Kennel, etc.), making it comfortable, and other suggestions. We do not offer any attention when he is actively or recently barking. In the quiet moments after the barking, we tried walking him in case he needs to go out, but found that he does not need to go potty in the night.

We do not have a secluded place in the house for him to sleep to create any space from the barking. He barks less frequently when his kennel is in one of the kids rooms instead of the living room. The barking does not seem related to the Kennel, as he still barks when loose in the living room on a dog bed (not our preference, but worth a try). We tried both locations and now we keep a consistent location.

Barking has decreased from the first week, but he still keeps us up for pockets of time each night (usually barks 30 minutes or less a few times in the night). Doesn't usually bark when first tucked in.

Before adoption, he was a woods dog/wild dog, so he may be accustomed to being outside at night; but thst does not seem like a safe option and truly I think he would bark there as well.
When I say bark, I mean a rotation of barks, attempted howls (he can't quite pull that off), and a wailing /whining thing. It is impressively loud and cringy, like nails on a chalkboard. He does not sound or seem panicked, just loud. We want to do what we can to encourage good habits and to all get some sleep.

Thanks so much for your time and ideas. I welcome your input.