Chihuahua puppy digging inside

Posted by yvette-gray
Mar 8th, 10:04 am
Hi all I have a 13 week old tiny chihuahua female pup and she has started to dig at the carpet at her bed and my couch how can I get her to stop please help
Posted by Preethi KOP
Mar 12th, 1:14 am
Hi Yvette,

Thanks for your message and congratulations on your new puppy!

Have you started obedience training your puppy yet? If not, please do start right away. The ebook has a great 12 week guided training programme. With the digging issue, you could try a loud clap followed by a firm ' leave it' command. With time she should understand that this behaviour is not acceptable. Digging is a normal behaviour for a dog, so it would be nice if you allow her a little dig-friendly zone in your yard.

All the best!