Posted by jaker104
Dec 6, 2010
Well its been nine weeks of Neoral (Atopica) in treating Jake's Erythema-multiforme with no progress. We were just at the specialist dermatologist on Wednesday where we mentioned two new signs of something going on. One, is both of his elbows are swollen and now there is a solid lump on his shoulder. The dermatologist believes this may be the cause of his skin outbreak and is leaning towards bone cancer, suggesting a lung x-ray for starters. We now have an appointment with the regular vet this coming week to check on this. As of now he is off all meds, and has a high level of energy. Sad to say he is also behaving very well.
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Dec 7, 2010
Hi jaker104,

I am so sorry to hear that Jaker is still not doing well. It is so sad that he might have a bone cancer... I don't know what to say... After all these harsh treatment he has lost the energy to be himself, a little troublemaker he once was.

I hope there will find a way to treat him, at least to control his pain and discomfort.

My best wishes to you and your daughter, and of course to Jaker
Posted by KOPCaroline
Dec 7, 2010
Hey jaker,

I'm so sorry! I hope, no matter what the diagnoses is, that jaker is comfortable and maintains a happy outlook. I know situations like this are very difficult, let us know what you find out.