Help for doggy peeing in the crate again

Posted by Wong101
Jan 12, 2011
My 7 months old GSD starting peeing in his crate the last 4 nights which it didnot happen before. We let him out for potty around 10pm, and let him out again in the morning 6am, he did very well before, but the last 4 nights, his blanket was all wet in the morning and he didnot whine for potty during the night. He was fixed 3 weeks ago, I don't know if it's the cause of it or not. He is in the crate for night time.

Posted by KOPCaroline
Jan 14, 2011
Hey wong101,

Is it possible for you to backtrack on your housetraining of your dog? That is, can you let him out before 6am for a few nights, to get him in the habit of going outside again and then try letting him stay in the crate overnight again?

You could also try limiting his access to water from about 8pm, so that his bladder is less full at night, and hopefully his 10pm bathroom break is sufficient.

I think backing up a few steps on his crate/bathroom training for about a week should be enough. It might be a side effect of the surgery, but I would have thought signs like this would have shown up before 3 weeks after the surgery. It might just be a lapse, puppies can do this. My flatmates dog did after months of being housebroken, and she just backed up and retrained him a bit, and he had no problems after that.

Hope you can sort it out, if not, however, let us know! We can rethink!