10 month old belgian malinois aggression

Posted by joshua-bemowski
Feb 2, 2013
So i have a 10 month old belgian malinois named Capitan he is a wonderful dog that ive had since he was a puppy. Now im in the navy so as a puppy i didnt have a real good chance to take him out and socialize him. He lives at my inlaws with his mom and a brother and sister they have a nice little pack in the backyard. If anyone new comes over and meets the dogs in the backyard its fine there happy and they sniff no aggression whatsoever but when i take capitan out on walks or to the beach anywhere besides the backyard he becomes really aggressive towards other dogs and people i know its from a lack of socialization and i know its because he is nervous. I want to socialize him but I also dont want him to bite anyone or any dogs I just need some direction on the best way to handle this.

Posted by eyeluvdogs
Mar 11, 2013
Hi Josh,

Firstly let me say that I think Belgian Malinois are fantastic looking dogs. However from what I have read, they can be protective and domineering.

It sounds as though, when you are out walking, that Captain feels like he has to protect you from any perceived threats (dogs/people). You also mention that he seems nervous. So he lacks confidence but feels responsible for you - a common combo, but not a great one.

At your in-laws I am guessing that Captain sees another human or dog as the pack leader, and therefore doesn't feel the need to protect your yard - he is reassured by the Alpha's behavior.

The same thing needs to happen while you are out walking. He needs to know that you are in charge and that he is not responsible for your safety. Have you checked out the Alpha Rules information in the Secrets to Dog Training ebook package? If not, this would be a great place to start.

You should also gradually start encouraging him to be around strange dogs and people without overreacting. There's some information on how to do this safely in the Top 20 Consultations ebook.

I hope this helps!