3 year old bishon howling

Posted by janis-margolis
Dec 6, 2014
Out 3 year old sleeps in the bed with us which is fine. However, in the morning when both my husband and I leave the room and he is still on the bed within about 5 minutes he starts howling. He lasts for approximately 1 -2 minutes and then stops. I think he has done this since he's been a pup.

Should I just ignore it since it lasts for such a short time or try to correct it?

Here are some things I have done which stop the howling but have not prevented them:
1. run up stairs and give him a long nasty stare.
2. Lightly hold his snout closed and say no growl /
3. Spray him with bitter apple.

What is you suggested tactic for handing?
Posted by Preethi KOP
Dec 11, 2014
Hi Janis,

Thank you for your post and sorry to hear about the howling issue.

You could try changing your routine (eg: making him get out of bed before you do and feeding him) to try and get rid of the behavior without having to intervene. Otherwise, punishing the behavior may work (spraying him with bitter apple etc.) but this may inadvertently give him the 'attention' he is craving and worsen the situation. I highly recommend trying out my first suggestion.

All the best! Do keep us posted on your progress.