6 Month old attacks 11 year old

Posted by sheri-trager
Jun 25, 2015
I have a 6 month old Maltese that is rather aggressive. I also have an 11 year old Mi-ki that had just suffered from heart failure and is on a lot of medicines.
This puppy has been aggressive from the start. Whenever I've had a puppy before, the older dog would nip at it's neck and that would be it... acceptance. Not with this girl... She keeps attacking and will not stop until I separate them. I have came into my bedroom where Tia, the maltese, has Sophia, the 11 year old Mi-ki, trapped and on top of her. This behavior has got to stop... she will end up causing Sophia to have a heart attack. I've tried to find professional trainers that I could pay to take her home and help get some of this aggression out of her, but when I answer the questions about her behavior, they decline. I love her very much, there must be some way to stop her from attacking my other dog.