Afraid of Other Dogs

Posted by Jay
Oct 24, 2008
My Dog(St. Bernard) is afraid of street dogs. Whenever i take him of a walk. If he sees any dog from far away he attemtions immediatly but if I try getting close to the other dog he seems in trouble and gettng away pulling me back.

He is 5 months old. Does my dog lacks courage ????


Posted by Maggiesmom1
Oct 27, 2008
Your dog doesn't lack courage, he's just shy. At 5 months, he needs to be going everywhere with you and you need to introduce him to other dogs to socialize him. Go slowly. Do you have any friends with dogs? Perhaps you could arrange for your dog to meet their dog.

Also--watch your body language and thoughts when you are out walking and see another dog. Don't tense up. Its amazing how dogs can "read our minds" and feel the energy we give out. Peppermints are a good way for you to mask your nervous energy (dogs "smell fear", remember?).

You're lucky, your dog will be the biggest guy out there when he is full grown. Its good that he's not aggressive. I would vote for shy over aggression anytime. Keep working on it.