Alpha problems - too smart for me

Posted by kiddo
Jun 9, 2009
Lucy just made one year on June 4. When she is wanting something and I do not get it for her immediately she tears up something. Whatever is close.

Also, when she does not want to go out or if she is in trouble, she goes into the dining room which opens to the kitchen and the living room and knows she can run from me in circles through these rooms.

Posted by Annie
Jun 10, 2009
hi there,
your post made me frustrating!
But...I can see that Lucy´s techniques work! Dogs and children don´t bother doing things like this unless they work, ie. they have an exciting outcome. What is it that she is wanting from you when she rips something up?
What are you going out for? does she not want to go?
what things does she get in trouble for and how do you punish her?
I can hear your frustration, but these problems sound like a little girl who has got her own way too many times and has more fun being 'naughty' than she does being 'good'
If would help if you could give some more information about Lucy´s daily habbits, exercise, sleeping place, respect, tollerance, etc etc