Beagle Bites randomly

Posted by melodiesunset
Oct 4th
Hi, I need some advice or I am going to have to give up this dog. She is a 2.5 year old Beagle that we have had since she was 8 weeks old. She was the last of the litter to go and the biggest. She is 40 solid pounds. We just can't figure out why she randomly gets so aggressive with lunging and bark and BITING. She has bitten me at least 6 times since we have had her the last being last night 10/03/22, and I am her main care taker. She follows my commands and we have rebuilt the trust issue over and over and just when I think we are back on the same page, she bits me again and every time it breaks the skin and requires a bandage.

My sister was watching her last year and my Beagle loved her and followed her everywhere. We have a very large fenced in yard and a dog door to explore all the country life and animals as we live on 2.5 acres in the country. My sisiter had come home from the store and after opening the dog crate to let "Dolly" (beagle) out, she reached to pick up the empty game that was on the floor (brain game for dogs where they have to find the hiddened treats) and Dolly attached both of her hands....She had to go to the ER with 9 punchure wounds. I was looking for her a new home after that and decided to give her another try, but since then she has bitten my husband above the eye and my hands 4 more times.

I am at my wits end. I have already taken her to see a $600 dog behavior specialist and all she did was put her on a probiotic and tell me to start glucosemine supplements all of which she wanted me to order from her and were extrememly expensive. And she wanted to train us to muzzle the dog when we "thought" she might be aggressive or to board her. This would require her being muzzled constantly because these are random attachs.

We have 9 grandchildren and I am terrified for them to come visit over the holidays with this dog and her unexplained aggressiveness. And yes, she just went to the vet 3 weeks ago and they said her blood work was perfect. Since then she has bitten me twice.

Any help or advice is needed soon, or recommendation for rehoming her. Thanks, M Schwam