Help! Dog will not walk over threshold

Posted by christina-sinning
May 5, 2015
Our 10mo old lab has Over the last few months stopped walking in from being in back yard off leash. She will follow long as we get close to door I walk through first she will just stop even sit or lay there looking in door if I leave it open calling her in. If she is on leash she will willingly just walk in behind. How do I fix this? She has even done this a few times in house.
Posted by Preethi KOP
May 9, 2015
Hi Christina,

Thanks for writing in!

The problem you are having with your pet is certainly a strange one! She must love being outdoors too much, haha! Is there another pet (indoors) that she may be afraid of? Or did she have any bad experience in the house? A tumble down the stairs, loud noise etc.? Did you all obedience train her yourselves? If you did not it could be that the behavior is something she learnt at her obedience lessons.

Coming to fixing it, given that she a lab using food a bait should do the trick! Keeping a lab slim is very important as it keeps them in great health so it would be best to use things like fruit (no seeds as they are toxic and no grapes or avocados) - try apples, pears etc. or vegetables- carrot,pumpkin etc. (no onions!) as treats. You could also give her her meals indoors (if you don't already do so) and get her to do the same. Lots of praise when she does what you want is also a must.

I hope this helps! Do let us know how she is getting along. Good luck!