Is Anyone Out There?

Posted by qkwyler
Mar 31, 2008
I am a little disappointed. I paid my $37.00 and posted a message 4 days ago and have received no reply. My original post is dated 3/29 and is titled: Is This Fear Biting or Dominance biting?
Posted by MontanaYankee
Apr 1, 2008
I have wrote them4 or 5 times since the 23rd of March, and I have never gotten a reply.:mad:
Posted by qkwyler
Apr 1, 2008
It really kinda stinks doens't it. Maybe you and I can at least encourage each other. I will go back and read your posts. Kathy
Posted by Todd
Apr 2, 2008
Sorry Marty i can't find your posts anywhere if you put me up a link i will endeavour to anser them as soon as i can and Kathy i am just going to do yours

Posted by jim-thomson
Feb 4, 2014
i think this is a scam, paid 3 days ago and no response
Posted by Preethi KOP
Feb 7, 2014
Hi Jim,

Rest assured, what you have purchased is by no means a scam.

If you have any queries regarding your pet please just reply to this post and I will gladly respond to them.

Kind regards,
Posted by kjd
Feb 8, 2014
I understand your frustration, Jim. Several years ago, there was constant chatter on this forum. Now, the old members seem to have left. They had a lot of good advice and I truly miss them. Once I regained Internet access, my only reason for signing in here was to get back in touch with them. However, now there is no way to do that unless they happen to sign on again.

Somehow, the owners of this site have made changes that drove old members away. So what was a great place to meet dog lovers and learn from each other has become a place where no one wants to play.

Wish I knew where they'd all gone.
Posted by shalisha-alston
Feb 11, 2014
Wow. Yes, I see last posts as being 2008! You can post questions to me and I can try to answer them or direct you to the best source.

Posted by john-tomlinson
Aug 5, 2014
Hi, I have had this site or program for about a year now, and had trouble logging in, but seems like I had success today! I'm wondering if anyone out there has a Catahula dog, and what behaviors do they have?
Posted by Preethi KOP
Aug 6, 2014
Hi John,

Thanks for posting on the forum!

I have heard of the breed in question but have to admit that I have never come across one. Most happy to try and answer any queries you have though, so feel free to ask away!

Posted by KenziMom
Sep 6, 2014
I have a typical over-reactive 6 month old female Boxer. My greatest problem is her jumping - she jumps on us and anyone who comes in the door. I'm sure she intends it to be "friendly jumping" and it's probably her way of getting closer. But it's truly annoying. Have tried alpha-dog training with limited success - it works until her adrenalin gets going... Any suggestions?
Posted by Preethi KOP
Sep 8, 2014
Hi Kenzimom,

Thank you for writing in to us.

I recently attended a workshop on managing problem dogs; those dogs on whom tried and tested methods of training failed to have any impact. The trainer there told us that once obedience training and alpha training methods were explored without having any success, the next step would be negative reinforcement via punishment. He demonstrated on a dog that had the same issue as yours so I hope that what I share with you does work.

To do this you will need to have an easy-to-access collar on your dog's neck. When she jumps, you need to punish the act by grabbing her collar and raising her off the ground (all four feet) for 4-5 seconds. Do this rather roughly so that the whole event quickly becomes unpleasant for her. As with rewarding good behavior, punishing bad behavior must be immediate and consistent to be effective. Follow this regime every time she jumps and she will soon learn that nothing good comes from it.

I hope you are successful with this training. Feel free to write back if you have any queries. All the best! Do keep us posted on your progress.

Kind regards,