Overexcited about other dogs

Posted by arlenet4
Aug 1, 2011
Hi there!

I have a question, I have two mix dogs (brothers) of 1 year and 1 month. I trained them with the alfa dog technique, they are neutered, have been training them to seat, and wait, and now I'm training them to walk on leash with a halti. They are learning how to not pull, but my problem is that, they love to play with other dogs (are very social) and with other people (I'd never had problem about they biting some one or anything like that) and when they see others dogs they bark al lot (the "come to play" bark) and get really overexcited and pull....so been this two dogs a 50 pound medium-large dogs, people get really scared when they see their rambling. Does anyone know how to stop the anoying barking-pulling withouth making them stop to socialize? In other hand I have the same problem when they see mices and pigeon (but this time they wanna eat them).

Thanks in advance, and if something is not clear please tell me because english is not my native lenguage.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Aug 2, 2011
Hi arlenet!

Sounds like your two do what my own dog, Jackson, used to (still does, every once in a while ). Its pretty common with younger dogs who just get excited to see everyone! Luckily, with persistance from you its pretty easily fixed.

I take Jackson to a river walk most days, which is off lead and wide open, so its great for exercise. His problem was the same as your dogs - too excited to meet other dogs, and he's a German Shepherd mix, so his big, eager self charging other dogs and owners wasn't exactly welcomed. He knew heel, but usually broke it once another dog came around. I'll tell you what I did, and it seems to have worked really well!

When another dog came up, I started by putting Jackson back on his lead. If he started pulling and being too eager, I stopped walking altogether, and gave him a stern "sit!" command. If he didn't listen, I gave a sharp (but not painful) tug on his lead to get his attention. Once he sat, I stood in front of him, snapping my fingers and saying his name - the goal of this was to keep his attention on me as much as possible. Once the other had passed, I gave him the "ok" command, and he came out of the sit. I kept him on lead for a few steps, at a heel, and once he was happily oblivious again, let him off lead with a "good boy!". If the other dog came up to say hello, I gave Jackson his "good boy" once the other dog sniffed him, so that he could get up to say hi, but not charge the dog excitedly.

After a while, with good, repeat well behaved reactions from Jackson, I stopped putting him on lead when another dog came up. Instead, I kept walking, giving the commands "heel" or "no/enough" if he started to look a bit too excited or started to run at the other dog. If he really got worked up, I gave a shapr "oi!", and then immediately stopped walking, told him to come, and sit - without the lead still. I then repeated the sitting training - keeping his attention until the dog approached him or left, and then giving him a good boy.

This has worked so well with Jackson, he no longer charges other dogs because he's gotten the idea that being to energetic is a bad thing, and that if he just trots up to another dog, he gets to play more He does still act a bit naughty sometimes, but he's still young, and I just keep using the tactics above.

You should just be sure to stay on top of your two, and be stern with them. Giving them a sit EVERY time another dog comes up, and rewarding good behaviour are the basics - I hope you see the same results I did. Other members probably have great advice, hopefully you hear some more! Keep us updated, let us know if my suggestions don't help - we can always give more ideas! Good luck!
Posted by arlenet4
Aug 2, 2011
Thanks! I going to try that!