Puppy problems. Help!

Posted by sara-villa
Jan 19, 2015
I have a 3 month old husky, Bo, who has always been a nipper. I've done the whole saying 'ow' loudly/yelping when he was a puppy. Didn't work. Ignoring him doesn't work cause he'll just jump on me and nip anyways, walking away is a hard task since he grabs onto any part of you he can and holds on. I've taught him basic commands; sit, stay, down, shake, but he just doesn't want to listen. I used the water gun technique, but he likes water and just found it fun. The timeout thing doesn't work well because he just does the same biting over again no matter how many times I repeat it. He LOVES to nip at me. I've bled from him a bunch of times. He feels more dominant over me and my mom and so he'll bite at us, and using a toy to get his attention doesn't do much cause he'll either ignore it or grab it then drop it. My grandpa had to hold him down on the floor because he wouldn't stop trying to bite my legs. He doesn't like to be picked up and will try and bite if you do. My grandparents live with us and have a older, about twelve years old, Australian shepherd and Bo is always jumping all over him and nipping at him, basically pestering him. He constantly jumps on the backyard door and doesnt stop until he tires himself out and goes to sleep. All this and yet when I take him for his shots he acts like a perfect angel when at the vets, and when he comes home it's right back to the crazy pooch. If anyone has had these problems and has a solution I'd be really happy. I love Bo and just want to know what is best to do. Please help.
Posted by Preethi KOP
Jan 24, 2015
Hi Sara,

Thanks for writing in to us. We are sorry to hear about the troubles with your hyperactive pooch.

You say that Bo acts dominant with you and your mom, have you two tried enforcing any alpha training methods on him? Does he nip at your Grandfather as well? Please read through the bonus book on alpha training and make the recommended changes to his daily routine. When he nips, you could also try holding him down like your Grandfather does, it is an act of dominance to show him his place in the pack. Bo is young and very energetic and organising bi-daily runs or puppy-play dates for him will certainly help curb his jumping, nipping etc. The latter will definitely be a great option as it will also teach him doggie social skills as well as tiring him out. Also, instead of the "ow/yelping" give him a stern, throaty, low-pitched "NO" when he misbehaves. When he jumps on you, just grab him by the collar and lift him off the floor for 5 seconds, he will soon learn that jumping up leads to an unpleasant experience and hopefully stop doing it completely.

Good luck with the training, do keep us posted on your progress with him and write in if you have any other problems.

Preethi Saldanha
Posted by EmilyP
May 4, 2015
I have an 8 month old Mudi puppy. She is aggressive selectively. A female Aussi shepherd next door(loves her brother), one of the house guards(loves the other one). How can I get her to stop attacking the female next door? The guard I am working on, but him too.