Training your dog to use a dog house

Posted by ThomasF
Feb 10, 2013
I have a 8 mo old Lab mix femaleI can not get her to use or go into her dog house I have tried putting a rug inside and she pull it out..I tried to put her food bowl and she will go in only to eat
I want her to be an outside do what can I do?
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Mar 11, 2013
Hi Tom,
Sometimes dogs just don't like their kennels! I had a dalmatian X and even on a cold day he would prefer to sit in the open than be in his kennel. Fortunately there was a carport in which he could get some shelter from the rain, but I still worried about how cold he might get.
If you plan on leaving your dog outside during the day and overnight, then you probably need to try a little harder than I did You might like to start by getting her a bigger kennel so that she has lots of space and doesn't feel crowded. Perhaps you could even carpet it with some 2nd hand industrial carpet. Make sure she has lots of toys to play with including durable chew toys (if she likes them), soft chews to pull the stuffing out of and even chew bones (if you are comfortable giving them to her).
Good luck!
Posted by Preethi KOP
Apr 1, 2013
Hello Tom,

How is your dog getting along now? You could try getting a nice big juicy bone and attaching it to a string tied to the inside of the kennel so that she has to sit in there to enjoy it?

Keep us posted!