Trouble Getting dog to go outside

Posted by sammylee
Dec 16, 2010
i'm having issues getting my 18 month old dog to go outside when she's told to. Especially at night time when it's "bedtime". She has always been a bit resistant to going outside when she's told but got better and better at it when i was giving her a treat and praising her.
But all of a sudden in the last few weeks she has become resistant to the treats. She will run away from me as soon as i tell her "bedtime" or "outside" and does not do anything for a treat. Even when i get hold of her collar (if i can!) or put her short lead on to take her out she fights it and will just not walk, if she gets away she lies down and will often roll onto her back. i don't know if this is a sign of submission or because she knows that it is harder for me to get her up if she lies like this.
I have left her outside and not let her in at all a few nights just to prove that it's not her right to be inside just because we are home, but when we do let her in she is still reacting but running away when she's told to go outside..

Any tips for getting her to go out when she's told?

She knows what i am telling her to do, she just doesn't want to do it, so she is flat out disobeying me......

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Dec 17, 2010
Hi sammylee,

>I have left her outside and not let her in at all a few nights just to prove that it's not her right to be inside just because we are home,

I am afraid this has given her a wrong message. This logic doesn't work for dogs. The message she got here was:

When she goes out she might end up staying outside overnight so she'd better not go outside at all.

What you need to do is to start it all over, using praises and treats and don't make her being outside too long. Make those potty outs short and quick. You might have to go outside along with her in a cheeful manner at the beginning, just like potty training a puppy.

Once she gets used to go outside, let her stay out a few extra minutes but never put her outside to punish her. What is the reason why she needs to be left outside? Is there any inconvenience with her being inside as long as she doesn't soil your house? She might just want to be included in your indoor activities.

It is all depending on the dog but as long as they get enough excercise and walks everyday, all my dogs just want to sleep or relax inside the house and to be with us humans.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Dec 20, 2010
Hey sammylee,

I'd have to agree, you should start over again. I think you going outside with your dog is a great idea, that way she doesn't interpret it as "I'm being sent outside", but "its time for us to go out!". Once she's got the idea that outside isn't a bad thing, its just to use the toilet, you can start telling her to go out alone, and give her lots of praise for doing it. She should get the idea easily in a short time.

Like MaxHollyNoah says, dont use being put outside as a punishment. Her rolling over at your is likely a submissive thing, so its apparent that she doesn't associate being put out with just toileting, so you should make it as positive an experience as possible

Good luck!