Very hyper puppy

Posted by lois-maloy
Jan 5, 2017
6-7 month old male puppy decided to come live with me and my two female spayed dog. I have had several dogs through the years, never one with this much energy, any ideas how to calm him down? Have to wait until next month to have him neutered, hopefully that will help.
Posted by Preethi KOP
Jan 8, 2017
Hi Lois,

Thanks for your email and sorry to hear about your puppy. A lot of puppies out there are little energizer bunnies, so don't fret he will settle with time.

Here are a few ways you can tire him out:
1. Puppy play dates - easy peasy, just make sure it is semi-supervised.
2. Playing fetch.
3. Feeding him in the yard - "find the kibble" scatter the kibble in your yard instead of feeding him in a bowl.
4. Giving him a stuffed kong (freeze it for longer results) or doggie puzzles.
5. A good hour at the dog park, provided he is very sociable (safety first, always!)

I hope there help. Good luck!