Wont let go (sorry such a long explanation)

Posted by jillbck1
Sep 10, 2010
HI- Have just read the post about "not releasing"
Have an 21mth olf GS
Train him regularly- will heel sit stay come fetch wait etc when not distracted- am working on this with distractions.
He LOVES (passionately!!) playing retrieve.
Will do the following
1. using one object: will "fetch" and retrieve and bring all the way up to me putting the object beuatifully into my hands-until tired, will then go and lie down a little way away with it in his mouth and keep it but not leave
2. using 2 objects. will "fetch" bring and "leave" in exctiement to go off to fetch the other object- here comes the problem- at a point he stops this and will not release the object- and if asked to do so, hold on even tighter and WILL NOT leave.Gets a look in his eye.
If I use hs choke chain and tighten until he has to leave - he will drop it eventually. however obviously this is not first prize and he is not listening to me but being forced to do this.
Agter this, if I ask him to leave and he does not, mostly a hand on the chain and light tightening works.

I am sure he should leave without this- he is definitely in control not me
Treats do not work- even the bestest of treats- its as if he knows and simply sightens that jaw- and boy is it strong- so I cannot manually open his mouth.

This is always at the end of the play- otherwise never a problem!
Please help....
Posted by kjd
Sep 10, 2010

Don't let him decide to end the play -- YOU decide. If he stops releasing, just go inside. The next time, end the game a little sooner, before he tires of it. I am surprised you have more energy than he does!