still barking

Posted by Zoey
Dec 25, 2008
My 6.5 month old GS is still barking aggressively at neighbors, people, strangers, anyone who isn't me or my girlfriend it seems. I started to see a little improvment after telling her "quite" then if necessary "QUITE" after she would get a few barks off but it is not enough now when at or near my condo. I have tried having the neighbors giving her treats but it only quites her while her mouth is full, then rite back to barking, hair on her back standing up. What other methods can I try before the pinch collar or spray or shock collars? Is setting up situations with strangers on a regular basis having them ready with treats or something along those lines, or delivering a harsher negitive when she does not quite after being told?
Posted by LetsPlay
Mar 5, 2009
Hi there,

GS's have a tendency to be territorial and wary of strangers. How long have you had your dog for? Perhaps she wasn't socialized well during the most important socialization period (8-14 weeks?). Or perhaps she had a bad experience during her fear period (14-18 weeks)?
She might also just have very strong GS behavior traits. (that's what they were bred for). I think having as many strangers and neighbors to walk past and greet her is the best idea. You will need to invest some time and effort and you might not see results straight away, but it is definitely possible and worth the commitment. Get the people to only treat her when she is quiet, even if you have to tell her to be quiet first.
All the best!