5-Minute Rule While Housetraining?

Posted by dtismv
Feb 23, 2012
Hi all, I have been working with our new 4-5 month old "rescue" Manchester terrier mix, Ruby, and have a question. I have been watching with interest all the Kingdom of Pets videos with Brian Heward about alpha dog training. I have a question about Brian's "5-minute rule" -- is there any way to implement the "5 minute rule," (not giving the dog attention when first arriving home or entering the room) with a puppy while house training? We are crate training Ruby and there is always a mad rush to get her out of the crate and outside when waking up in the morning and when coming home from having been out on an errand during the day. So far we try not to go out for very long at a time at this point, but first thing in the morning and upon returning home even from short errands Ruby goes nuts wanting to jump and run around and be fussed over, and of course we are dashing to get her leash on her and get her outside asap.

Also, secondary challenge is getting our kids to go along with not fussing over the dog! I liked Brian's suggestion of making a game out of it and playing "queen"
Posted by KOPCaroline
Feb 26, 2012
Hi dtis,

Glad the videos are helping - hope you continue to enjoy the course!

I think as long as you come home and just snap the lead on and take Ruby out, then come in and go back to ignoring til she's calm, you should be fine. Do you have an enclosed yard? You could just put her out in the yard if so, and then let her in and ignore her again. Its understandable that you should put Ruby out to pee when you get home, and she's going to be excited to see you, but I would just continue putting her out and then ignoring when she's back in the house

Hope that makes sense, and hope you continue making progress with Ruby