Beagle wont stop tracking inside

Posted by ricky-bissonnette
Feb 3, 2021
My 1 year old beagle started tracking in the house and will not stop. Vet said it is most likely OCD. Started about 4 days ago. even bringing him out he continues to track outside, then once back in he continues tracking as well. Only stops at bedtime or when put in his kennell. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Feb 18, 2021
Hi Ricky,

Thanks for your question. To combat obsessive behavior in dogs, there are a few things that you can try.

1. Daily obedience training to provide mental stimulation;
2. Daily exercise to provide physical stimulation;
3. Using a crate/kennel to provide some "time-out";
4. A pheromone collar;
5. A medical checkup;
6. Vet prescribed medication.

Obsessive behavior can be distressing for both dog and owner, so if the first 4 recommendations don't help, then we would recommend seeing your Vet.

I hope that helps!