Becoming a dog trainer

Posted by rachelle-biever
Oct 6, 2013
Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone on here had any advice about becoming a dog trainer. There aren't many schools that actually offer legit courses on it. And I feel like all of the online ones that will "make me a certified dog trainer" from a six week online course, isn't very practical. there are so many different methods and so many people that call themselves certified trainers, its hard to figure out what is real and what is a piece of paper you get online. I would love any advice you could give me to help me start a career in dog training. Thank you!
Posted by Preethi KOP
Oct 6, 2013
Hi Rachelle,

Thank you for your query.

You are absolutely correct, it certainly does take a lot more than a 6 week distance-learning course to become a professional dog trainer. To begin with, I would suggest you do a course on animal behaviour, not sure if you will find one that is only dog-based. But I found that a general animal behaviour course that I took really gave me a lot of insight. Once you have done this, I would suggest that you contact a behavioural specialist- try a local veterinary university, they will probably have someone. You can find out about the best way to train further or even ask if you could train under them.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your endeavors!

Kind regards,