Posted by Beverley-Wilde
May 1, 2011
My jack Russell will not let me use the vacuum cleaner .he attacks it constantly and is the same with brooms, spades, lawn mowers and has now started on the hairdryer. I'm at my wits end .can anyone help.
Posted by KOPCaroline
May 4, 2011
Hi Beverly,

Has this behaviour always been so bad, or did it start up after your JR got startled by one of the appliances, or was it gradual? If you can identify a trigger that set this behaviour off, that could help in training him.

Otherwise, start with the basics. Every day, bring the vacuum out. Dont turn it on, but bring it out and see how your JR does. Put it in different places in the house, alternate rooms, put it close to his bed/food dish/etc. If he ignores it while its off, great, if not, keep on until he becomes accustomed to it. You can tell him "no" if he barks at it or growls at it, etc. Do it with all the appliances he has an issue with.

The next step is to bring the item out and turn it on, but not use it. Just leave it on for a few minutes, sitting in one place. Again, tell him "no" or "enough" or whatever command you want to train him to when he reacts to it. Keep it up until he gets the picture

Gradually start using them daily in front of him, first for only a few minutes, then longer until you feel hes ok enough for you to use them as you normally would.

Make sure you tell him hes such a good dog for not reacting when he behaves well, with lots of pats and praises, and a few treats if you like

Give this sort of thing a go, let us know how your pup does! I hope its useful