Cuddling My Puppy

Posted by Elaine
Dec 18, 2007
I want to make sure I stay the Alpha in my cuddling my 3 1/2 month old puppy (on the floor, not on furniture ) appropriate? She seems to want it periodically.....not constantly. Also to let you know the dynamics in my home......I have an 11 year old that is not thrilled with her presence. She is repremanding her appropriatelyand I am not interfearing, but the puppy desperately wants to bond and nest with my older dog. On some very few occations the older dog will let her lay down on the same her rear. Should I not cuddle her or give in to her once in a while? She is soooooo sweet. I don't want to over cuddle or give her the imprestion I am rejecting her.

Thnls for your help
Posted by MartyEd
Dec 18, 2007
Hi there Elaine,

I believe that ensuring you are alpha dog is key in EVERY situation - no matter what the type of aggression. Your dog needs to know that you are more dominant than she is. You will take a different approach depending on your dog's demeanour of course, but the fundamentals are the same - you are the boss in all situations. Kisses and cuddles are absolutely fine - so long as they don't undermine the other work you are doing with your puppy to ensure she knows that you are boss. Continue to ensure she isn't allowed on to the couch or bed, and be sure to reprimand her if she acts up at any stage. Only ever allow kisses and cuddles as a reward - i.e. do not give her positive attention after she has done something inappropriate and always be sure you are only cuddling her at times in which she has been well behaved as this is to some degree a reward. And of course ensure you and your families safety if you are going to cuddle your dog! I am sure you know and trust your dog completely, but there have always been cases of unpredicatable reactions from dogs in certain circumstances. It is always good to have this in the back of your mind - particularly if you have young children interacting with your puppy.

Continue with the alpha training as you have been - you will make significant progress over time believe me and be sure to ensure your other dog knows you are boss also. You will also need to refer to the specific sections in SitStayFetch to ensure that your dog also doesn't rush to the door and to help alter her aggression towards people wearing clothing she isn't used to !!

Best of luck with your young dog and please let us know how you get on.

Kind Regards,

Mark Edwards
Kingdom of Pets Team