Dog Likes to Run When He's In Trouble

Posted by patricia-macomber
Nov 20, 2015
I have a 6 month old mixed breed pup (not sure what he is but we're guessing Pit Bull and Fox Terrier) and he is very hyperactive sometimes (although getting better), but my biggest problem is that when he gets in trouble (and he knows he's going to get in trouble before he does), he runs around and hides under the table and bites my pants and barks back at me when I tell him to sit--and "sit" is his most reliable command! What do I do? Chasing him and pinning him down when he is caught doesn't seem to be working.
Posted by Preethi KOP
Nov 30, 2015
Hi Patricia,

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Sorry to hear about the training troubles you are having. The good news is that your pup is young, clever and thus easily trainable. I think the key to getting him to obey you is to start with some serious alpha training- once he considers you as boss there will be no running away when you call him and certainly no nipping at your feet! Have a look at the alpha training section and please let me know if you have any questions regarding it. In addition to this training, work on other commands - 'come' 'stay' 'heel' would be some key ones and also ensure he is getting lots of socialization with other dogs. These play dates will not only teach him lots of good doggie manners but will also help expend all the puppy energy he has and keep him out of trouble.

Good luck and do keep us posted!

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