Dog socialising and fights

Posted by jillbck1
Feb 18, 2013
Hi there . I live on a farm, have a 4 year old male GS. I took him to puppy classes and then the next stage as well. Thereafter he did not mix with other dogs as he is enclosed in our property and does not wander the farm- I walk him but up the farm alone.
I myself have always been really scared of dog fights. There are some other dogs on the farm. When they run up and down the fence on the outside he does the same on the inside. He does not bark, nor does the other dog and does not appear to be aggressive. neither does the other dog.
I would really like to introduce them with out a fence so that I can walk around the farm and not be scared of a fight.
How and where would the best way be to do this? Also sure he will pick up my own anxiety!!
Many thanks