Halti Collar for Golden puppy?

Posted by Rodrigo
Aug 13, 2010
Hi! Dimitri is only 12 weeks but pulls the leash like a bull! Would you recommend using the Halti Collar with him? I mean, is he too young for this?

He is an adorable Golden Retriever. Also, I am thinking maybe he is not prepared to go for walks? He looks too tense when we come back home after 15 minute walks. He pulls so hard that today I carried him up the last 50 meters since I was afraid he would hurt himself... Then he calmed down in my arms while watching dogs and people pass.

The good thing about Dimitri is that other dogs or people do not scare him! He is very sociable. He wants to play with everyone all the time.

I just need to polish up a couple of things and I will have the perfect friend!

Posted by KOPCaroline
Aug 15, 2010
Hey Rodrigo,

Sounds like Dimitri is just a super playful walker! My pup goes ballistic when we go to the park, some dogs just do

I think a halti is fine to use on a 12 week pup, especially if you're concerned for Dimitri and your arms! He'll get used to it much quicker if you introduce it early in life instead of waiting and trying it later if his pulling doesn't get better. So I say go for it, the halti's are designed not to hurt the dog, even with them pulling, so it should be totally safe

Also, if you're not already, try working on the "heel" command when walking. If he starts to pull, stop, have him sit next to you, and start to walk again. It'll probably be a bit repetitive and jerky at first, but Goldie's are pretty smart pups, I"m sure he'll catch on

Glad you're having a good time with him, good luck!
Posted by kjd
Aug 16, 2010

How much does Dimitri weigh? I'm thinking you must be pretty strong to carry him. Even a 3 month old golden isn't a lightweight!

Posted by Rodrigo
Aug 16, 2010
He weighs 24 pounds/11 kilos! I think I am feeding him with the correct amount... By the way, do you know of a good food weight/age chart? I read I should feed him with 3% of his weight per day. The vet said we should feed him 4 times per day for now. Then 3 and then 2.

He's behaving better when we go for walks luckily, but he still pulls a bit.

We had family staying at home these past 4 days and we noticed some excitement peeing... I guess it was too much for him? Any recommendation?

Thanks a lot guys, you rock!
Posted by KOPCaroline
Aug 17, 2010
Hey Rodrigo,

As far as feeding, I'm an advocate of the feeding portion charts on the backs of any Eukanuba dog food bags, its what we've used on our pups, and I know others who have used it, and I think they have good guidelines on them. From what I've calculated based off these charts, about 3% of bodyweight seems fair, especially now that Dimitri is up to 24kgs. As long as he's putting good weight and muscle on, without becoming too fat ( ) you should be fine.

Has the pulling decreased because you got a halti? I think he'll learn to walk just fine beside you in no time

As far as excitement peeing, its common in pups experiencing company and new things like that for the first time. To try and avoid it, when you see him do it, say "no", and put him outside. He should connect the dots, especially if he's already housebroken otherwise. Most large breed dogs outgrow this trait, I wouldn't be too concerned about it at this point.

Glad we're helping where we can!