Help Needed - dog let out on own

Posted by Clova
Aug 4, 2011
Hiya all,

I was wondering if anybody had any advice about the following problem. I am UK based and can't find any info on the web, all info seems to based around stray dogs or aimed at their owners.

The problem is that in our local public park, where many people walk their dogs, one owner just seems to let their dog out of the front door in the morning.
The dog is a staffie, although he hasn't shown any real aggression he makes a beeline for any other dog in the park to play with which generally results in the staffie chasing and humping. Without the staffie's owner being there this usually results in the other dogs being led away from their play / park. For example, and the reason I am posting this today, I took my 5 month old pup to the park for a game of fetch off lead whilst no other dogs were around (we are still working on the recall command, and she seems to make a beeline for all other dogs to play with so an empty park was perfect). The staffie made an appearance which I didn't realise until he'd come right up to us. Luckily having just been working on the recall command Clova came (eventually) when called but not until the staffie had chased and tried numerous time to hump her - and a bit more :eek:...
I know part of this problem is my training with pup, however I was wondering what options myself and other owners have with regards to the staffie. He doesn't have a collar so no ID, I know a number of other owners have reported him to the RSPCA, and apparently he lives near by so isn't a stray. He's not aggressive other than the humping, no biting (thank god), and will go back to the park once other dogs have been led away.

It's becoming a real pain, please help
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Aug 5, 2011
Hi Clova,

I don't know how things work in the UK but it is definitely an irresponsible owner. Too bad RSPCA doesn't take any action to this case.

The dog should have been fed by the owner so can you track him down sometime? I would talk to the owner and ask them not to let him out on his own as well as having him some kind of ID. It is a law in the U.S.

Sorry I cannot help but it is not the dog's fault if something bad happens. However, it is always the dog that gets punished and euthanized at the worst case
Posted by KOPCaroline
Aug 6, 2011
Hey there,

Do you know if the staffie is entire? If he goes to hump a dog is there a chance it could turn into an unintentional litter?

Has anyone asked the RSPCA to talk to the owner on behalf of all the complaining owners? I can't believe theres nothing they can do about a dog thats not being watched while out! The SPCA here in NZ will pick a dog up and call the owner, charging them to get the dog out of the facility, so that it works as a "punishment" for negligent ownership.

I wish I could tell you more, I would be just as upset by that sort of thing. I just don't know enough about the laws over there. I would call the RSPCA and have a chat with them - surely if enough people complain they'll have to take some sort of action!
Posted by richydehav
Oct 12, 2011
The park is probably owned by the local council and should have notices about not allowing dogs to foul (or insist you pick it up).
If this dog is just allowed out the the owner can not be monitoring this.
A call to the council might help more than the RSPCA especially if you mention that it has been seen fouling.
Posted by Dmclay
Nov 29, 2011
Hi here is a link to your council

Dog Warden Service
Report a stray dog
The dog warden service deals with the capture of stray dogs and organises appropriate care for the dogs. The service is managed by the Pest Control Section based at Mortonhall.
Please contact the dog warden on 0131 529 3030.

[url=]Report a stray dog - Dog Warden Service - City of Edinburgh Council[/url]