Jealous of the cat

Posted by james-e-pitts
Feb 23, 2016
I have a 20 yr. Siamese male cat that my 10 month Cocker Spaniel pup is jealous of and barks and fights with him. She also eats the cats poop and I keep the litter box clean as much we can. I have sprinkled meat tenderizer on the cat food and the cat won 't eat the food. there is no other place for the litter box. please help.
Posted by Preethi KOP
Feb 25, 2016
Hi James,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately there is no easy solution to your issue. Most dogs find cat faces 'tasty', especially since cat foods have a very high protein content.

Here are a few steps to resolving the issue:
1. Start obedience training your dog and get her to understand the word 'No'- use this when you catch her in the act of eating cat poop so she knows it is unacceptable behaviour. Do the same when she barks at the cat.
2. Implement alpha training methods as well so she understands that you are boss!
3. Ensure she is getting adequate nutrition, often dogs lacking vital nutrients in their diets will eat things they shouldn't.
4. Ensure that BOTH animals are on a good deworming treatment- this has to be done every three months for most deworming products but some are monthly as well.
5. If all else fails, get a cat litter tray that comes with a cat-door and a dome- this way the dog will not be able to get into it. Moving the cat litter tray to a higher spot such as a table is also an option.

I hope this helps! Good luck