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Posted by Alpha-Dog
Aug 17, 2007

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Posted by ArthurGKW
Jun 9, 2008
I Have Been Trying In Several Different Ways And Attempts To Send An Email To The Correct Person(s) With The Following Question: I Have A Four Year Old Male Golden Retriever (spayed) Who Has Been Crate Trained From About Eight Months To One And One Half Years, Except For Air Travel. Could You Please Advise Me As To The Best Method(s) To Reassure Him Prior To Boarding A Flight From Toronto, Ontario, T0 Moncton New Brunswick, About A Three Hour Flight.

Your Assistance In This Regard Will Be Most Appreciated.

As Well, Trying To Access The Correct Email Address To Send My Question Has Been Enormously Frustrating And Despite Being A Member The System Will Not Allow Me To Access The Dog Forum. Oh Well!!!

Thank You Again For Your Assistance.

Arthur G. Wilson
Posted by ritu-sood
Apr 5, 2011
imy pet a dalmacian is very possesive about her toys , our socks etc.its difficult to get it back she grouls at that time and seems to be in attacking mode which is quite dangerous sometimes
Posted by KOPCaroline
Apr 7, 2011
Hey ritu,

A few questions first off:

How old is your dalmation? How long have you had her? How long has she shown this behaviour, always, or is it a recent development? Is she neutered, or does she have any other health problems?

Is she possessive of everything as far as "her" resources (food, blankets, toys, anything thats "hers") or is it just toys when you are playing?

What have you done so far when she shows this behaviour? Do you tell her no, or just stop playing, etc?

It sounds like possessive aggression, which is relatively simple to train out of with alpha training and obedience, but if you could answer these questions I can get a better grip on your situation and give a bit better advice
Posted by Isabelle
May 24, 2011