Leash Training

Posted by Sarinah
Nov 18, 2010
Hi Everyone,

I'm the proud owner of a beautiful 14 week old male Cocker Spaniel whose name is Walter. We've had him for 6 weeks and although we read many books prior to bringing him home it seems many offer conflicting advice and thus we're having more than a few challenges.
Walter is a very affectionate and thus far well-adjusted puppy and although we probably should have begun sooner we are only now beginning his leash training. We placed a collar on him yesterday and he hasn't fussed about it at all - but the leash is another story. We've watched the Secrets to Dog Training video which explains nicely what to do if your dog takes off and pulls on the leash. However, what do you do if your dog just lays down and despite all types of enticements, edible and otherwise, just refuses to walk?
We don't want to lift him into a standing position as we've read that all actions should be voluntary. Can someone with experience please help to get us started?!

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Nov 18, 2010
Hi Sarinah,

Walter sounds like a very sweet puppy. Congratulations!

He sounds like a cat with a harness, just plopped down to the ground and not moving

I would recommend you to have him wear a short and light weighted leash (maybe you can fold the leash in double and tie it into a knot) inside the house to start with so that he will get used to wear a leash.

Once he gets used to the leash, you will gradually take him to the yard with it, then to the outside. You can also lure him to walk with the leash on by offering a little treat every now and then.

Good luck
Posted by KOPCaroline
Nov 20, 2010
Hey there,

You can also use a combination of the two ideas with Walter to ease him into it. Tie a lead to him, just to his collar so he can walk around freely, and use treats and toys to get him to move as much as possible with the lead on. Once hes walking around with it trailing behind him, try grabbing the end and just holding it while hes near you, so he gets used to you being on the other end of the lead. Keep up with it gradually, and make more progress as he gets more and more comfortable with each step.

Good luck! Hope you and Walter have a great time!