My flatmate stole my dog

Posted by hanr-freeman
Jun 20, 2016
Hi this is my 1st post so I hope I'm in the right section!!
I have a 4 year old pug X poodle Teddy Bear - he is a great dog, however my flatmate has spoiled him rotten by giving him table scraps etc. It's now to the point where he is overweight and I worry as my last dog had pancreatitis caused diabetes so I don't want him to feed him the extra food and my flatmate won't stop. He also used to sleep with me and now he sleeps with my flatmate and even if we try to separate them by my flatmate shutting him out of his bedroom he cries to get let in, this is heartbreaking for me.
I just want to get my baby back to spending time with me sleeping with me, I'm at the point where I am considering getting a new puppy from my friends dogs litter and getting a girl. I'm hoping that as a girl I can bond with a bitch better, and just let my flatmate have him. However, I really love him and ideally would have him back and get a girl dog so he has a doggy friend, he is desexed and he does like to have a "girlfriend".

Please can I get some idea of what I can do.

Thanks Hanr