Need Help with Leash Training!

Posted by Risa
Jun 28, 2010
My puppy is really naughty and whenever I put him on his collar, he would just try to bite it of, he can't take it of though. The problem is the leash, The book says that if your
dog isn't behaving with the leash, you have to tug the leash until he stops. He keeps biting the leash even if I tug it so what should I do? Before I even lost in a tug of war ga
me with him! He is just 2 months old!
Posted by kjd
Jun 28, 2010

He should get used to wearing a light collar with his phone number on it all the time. Suppose he sneaks out of the house? You want anyone who finds him to know he is yours.

If I were you, I wouldn't put the leash on until he is used the collar. Then start with a piece of string that he drags about the house while you and he are playing. If you are playing with him, he won't have to worry about the collar or the string!

Once you can see he ignores the string, you can begin taking the end and pulling it towards you occassionally especially when playing "Come to me." Then try a leash don't make it too heavy for your puppy.

Let us know how things are going.