Obedience training

Posted by bobby-ridgeway
Oct 26, 2012
I have an 8mth old Cane Corso Mastiff named Drager. He is a very loving dog and never meets a stranger. He will obey sit, down, stay, and come commands when in our home or yard when undistracted. However if anything else is going on or he simply doesn't want to follow commands then he refuses to sit, stay, come, or down. If I tell him to sit he will look at me and then turn and run off to play. He returns and again I tell him to sit and he jumps around and runs off to play again. He wants to be chased but we do not chase him. Even a simple sit command in the presence of new people or even just us, when he doesn't feel like it, is impossible. When he is cooperating he will sit, down, and stay for 5 minutes or longer. The entire time he is staying he will keep his eyes on me and not get up until released. He walks perfect with a leash and sits every time I stop walking but without a leash he will stay within 20-30 feet but walking all over the place (in front, behind, just wherever). I know this is lengthy but I wanted to supply adequate info. Dominance issue?
Posted by KOPCaroline
Nov 3, 2012
Hi there,

I dont think this is a dominance issue so much as just him wanting to play and not recognizing that your commands still hold at the dog park, etc. I'd advise keeping him on a lead at the dog park (you can try a long one, or a retractable lead to give him more freedom but still be able to control him). Bring treats with you, even if you dont use them at home, so that he has extra incentive to obey you in public.

Have you read over the disobedience section in STDT? It may help..