Obedience training

Posted by janis-margolis
Dec 12, 2014
We have been very lax with obedience training. After ordering this program I've decided it is time to start full force. I've started d with sit stay and down. Sometimes the dog sits on the first command sometimes I have to push his bottom down. The biggest problem is with my husband. The dog gets all jumpy and barky when my husband tries to train. I should say that my husband has completely spoiled this dog. So there is a lot of undoing of bad habits. What should we do when he gets figity and barks? I'm also trying to be more of an alpha. Pushing him off the couch. Not letting him on bed unless invited. My husband wants him to sleep in the bed. I say fine but at least get him to the foot of the bed. The dog always sleeps above our heads. I've read this is bad. He thinks he's king.

Ok so to a sk again what to do about barking when my husband trains?
What's the best thing to do if dog doesn't respond to command?
Is it really bad to let him sleep in our bed?
How. Long should training last? How many times a day?

Dog is 3 years. Bishonpoo Thanks
Posted by Preethi KOP
Dec 13, 2014
Hello again Janis,

We are glad to hear that you have decided to start with both obedience and alpha training. Within a few weeks you will see marked changes in your dog's behavior.

Unfortunately, there is no magic number I can give you when it comes to the length of training sessions. It usually all depends on how much time owners are willing to devote and how quickly the dog gets bored. You could have five training sessions a day, each 5-10 minutes long. If you dog listens at the start and then becomes disinterested/disobedient it is best to stop right away. If the training is going well and you are happy with the results you needn't go right up to the 10 minute line, it will be better to end on a high note! Use the sit/stay commands before feeding/putting the leash on prior to walks/ before letting him outside etc. and give him lots of praise and encouragement when he does listen.

Now, as for the issue with your husband and your dog, the only solution is for him to realize that he needs to take an alpha position as well. It will definitely help if you do not let him on the bed. If you decided against this, make sure that he sleeps at the foot of your bed. With the barking issue, you could start him on the command 'NO' or have a water gun at hand and squirt him just between the eyes when he is being naughty.

Good luck with training