Prey behaviour

Posted by Toni-Lee-Beaton
Jun 29, 2008
I am looking at a Staffy which is aggressive towards other dogs. In training the dog will lunge at any dog which comes close and is lightening fast. Although this means the dog will hit the end the end of the lead, do an airborne flip, rebound flight through the air and then hit the ground SPLAT, this doesn't seem to deter him. I think he's always wanted to fly.

It is not possessive behaviour re the owner. The dog is after killing other dogs and is just as aggressive towards his housemate who has learned to defer to him. A small dog which recently wandered into his yard was killed. Whether by him or both dogs is unknown.

In training the owner can control the dog by keeping it on a short lead but I'm not seeing any method bringing immediate improvement other than electric shock treatment.
Posted by stephanie-Craddock
Jun 29, 2008
hi, cant really help you on this but am hoping that others will also come forward on this thread with tips or ideas on this,
I adopted a 2ish year old collie cross from an animal refuge and have a similar problem with him, the difference is he weighs 40 kilo's so when he lunges isn't so easy to hold, (I weigh 50) I try getting him to sit and wait if other dogs are near,(I'm talking 15-20 meters as near) and this he will do. During alunch with freinds the other day, My dog managed to lie and wait, while their little dog hid under the table, only to try and jump on him when lunch was finished.
I daren't evenpass near by other dogs and will do long detours to avoid them.
Any on can help out there
Posted by Blue
Jul 4, 2008
Dog on Dog aggression is a serious issue, and both your dogs should be taken to a professional dog handler/behaviourist for one on one training how to properly reprimand/reward your dog for behaviour modification.
For further reference and tips, please see previous posts under my name "Blue" regarding dog to dog aggression.