Puppy starts to heeling but with problem....

Posted by caca899
Apr 10, 2012
Hello, I have a Cavalier King Charles who is now 14 weeks now. When I take him for a walk on the street (quiet street), he only sniffs everything on the ground. I’ve already taught him “Walk”, “Stay”, “Laydown” in the corridor. He’s fine with all the instruction when walking in the corridor (indoor). He walks with me by my side, I stop, he will stop. But, once I put him down on the street. He’s just ignored everything I said, he’s just enjoying himself to sniff everywhere. He even ignored his flavorite food/snacks/toys.

He’s not actually pulling the leash. He’s only sniff everywhere. I am concerned as he may eat something not appropriate after sniffing…

My problem is he can’t heel/walk properly with me. I can’t have his attention on me….

Please advise if you have any suggestion.

Posted by KOPCaroline
Apr 15, 2012
Hi there,

Would you mind describing what you've done to try and regain his attention on walks, other than treats? Do you tug on the lead, tell him to "sit", say his name...etc?

If you havent tried things like this, I would. Stop walking yourself, and tell him to sit. Dont go anywhere until he listens. Then say good boy, and start walking again. As soon as he starts misbehaving, repeat. You walks may be frustratingly stop-start for a while, but I believe this sort of thing works - it forces the dog to pay attention, otherwise nothing happens.
Posted by caca899
Apr 16, 2012
Thanks for the suggestion. I actually tried yesterday. We worked together like what you told us. Will continue to do so daily and update you the status. Of course, we stop/start for probably more than 30 times in an hour.... Will keep doing it. Thanks again!