Sleeping Arrangements

Posted by qkwyler
Apr 3, 2008

Wondered if anyone has advice about dogs on the bed. I know the conventional wisdom says they should not be on the bed. My dogs are small - 10 lbs and 15 lbs.

They have crates that are on a table next to our bed with doors open so they can go in and out. They use to spend a lot of time during the night IN the crates, but more and more now, it is ON our bed.

We tried a couple of months ago, putting the crates on the floor and shutting them in. Sam was fine, but my little problem child, Pistol cried, whined barked all night. After about 10 days we gave up and went back to original arrangement.

It really isn't that much of a problem, although they do disturb my sleep some. But what I am wondering is whether it has an affect on their behavior beyond night-time. I mean, I have these fear based aggression issues with Pistol. Would making him sleep in his crate make him more or less confident?

Thanks for any advice out there.
Posted by Todd
Apr 6, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the question.

In general dogs on beds are fine. I do from time to time advise people to ban them from beds and couches etc. This is for the reason that they often get aggressive and these items are usually involved.

But if the two dogs are fine then i don't see any reason why they can't sleep on the beds. But just keep it in the back of your mind that it can be a problem.

I think Pistol may be better in a crate. I think at first you may think he will be a bit more fearful but his confidence will slowly build up.
If you want to be sure about it you can start with the crate in your room and slowly over a few weeks move it further and further from your bedroom.

Have fun