That 'ol chasing cars problem - new twist

Posted by tawnykt
Mar 14, 2011
Hello! I subscribed to this forum to get help with my one year old Cavalier/Papillion mix's obsession with chasing cars. We live on a farm, but have a country road that passes right near the house. We get maybe 10 cars a day. I have read everything I can get my hands on about this problem, including what exists on this forum, but here's the rub: If Laddie is on a leash, he does not even look up at cars. If he never exhibits the negative behavior, how can I train him? Once while on a walk, a car went by, and he was so calm, I thought I would test him, and removed the leash. The car was by then 40 feet away, and he took off like a rocket. No amount of calling could sway him. It isn't just chasing either... when a car approaches the farm, he runs up to it. Everyone slams on the breaks, afraid they will hit him. I'm worried that our neighbors are getting really annoyed (not to mention Laddie's fragile future). There is no way to fence him in, unless it is in small runs somewhere, and that is not why we moved to the country. Also, I have trained lots on coming when I call. It usually goes well... unless there is something he is more interested in, and then he blows me off entirely. Guess we need more work there, but not sure how. Sorry for the long post. All the best, Tane Fasth in Northern Sweden
Posted by KOPCaroline
Mar 15, 2011
Hi Tane,

Have you tried driving your own car around Laddie? Or have a friend drive around your property, so you can correct him? Do you have a pen or yard that you can start training him in, so that theres some way to get a hold of him as your friend drives past and he chases? You could try an extendable lead, letting him get a bit further from you then lock it so that he has to respond to you. Work with it gradually, letting him a bit further and further, but still having to come back to you when you say to.

Try keeping treats on you at all times, and giving him one every time he comes back to you. Work with this near the road, sometimes an actual reward is what it takes for some dogs to get the picture of how to behave.

The best way to deal with these situations is to keep putting your dog in the situation, so that eventually he gets used to it and hopefully stops. Other members might have more solid advice, I've never dealt with a car chasing dog, so my advice is built on basic training. I hope it helps a little anyway, let us know how Laddie goes!
Posted by kjd
Mar 17, 2011

This is a rough problem. As you said, Laddie's future is at risk.

When having a friend drive on your property, slowly (so he can catch up), hide in the back seat. Pop up when Laddie gets close to the car and yell "No!" Right now, you are behind him trying to stop it -- imagine his surprise when you are in the car!

See if this helps control his car chasing.

Let us know how things are working,