Treats Issue

Posted by 3eteiba
Oct 23, 2011
if im training my dog with the clicker training.
do i have to give him food treats everytime? i feel like im bribing him.
other methods for treats, but in clicker training?
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 25, 2011
Clicker training usually only starts out with food treats being given right when you click. As the dog picks up more and more on the training, the amount of food treats you give can go down. Most dogs learn to recognize the clicker as a positive reinforcement sign, so just using this on its own can work really well.

If you want to give other rewards, remember theres always verbal rewards (good boy!!) as well as physical (pat on the head, scratch behind the ears). You can carry a toy with you, like a ball, and chuck it everytime the dog performs well.

Most older dogs respond really well to just verbal reinforcement and petting - mine certainly did! Hope this helps - I'm sure other members might have more ideas, especially those who used/use clicker training