Very see me

Posted by Jay
Oct 24, 2008
My 5 month old St. Bernard gets highly excited on seeing me returning home.
He jumps allover me. Licks me. Luvs me to praise him and hug him.
I also luv his this behavior.
After I am done him I tell him to 'Calm Down'. He also gets okay after few minutes.
I hope this is Okay with me & my dog for today & future.

Also he does the same for visitors at home other than few.

PLease guide


Posted by Annie
Oct 25, 2008
Hi there,
I understand you like this, and him too....but it concerns me when you have visitors and a (very very large) dog is allowed to 'jump all over'. Many people don´t like a licking, jumping, cuddling St Bernard!You need to feel that you have control over your dog in every situation.

I also found, by doing this, my dog developed anxiety when I left her alone at home, so I stopped this excited behaviour, and she could stay alone at home and relax.

You might want to consider that it´s cute now at 5 months...but maybe really NOT cute in a couple of years. Start as you mean to go on and it´s a lot easier!
Posted by hele9001
Oct 27, 2008
I also have a 9 month old bearded collie who loves to jump on people . she loves to play and be with people so this is her way of saying so, but not every one likes this so I have tried to tell her no, sit and greet, and it does help sometimes but her enthusiasm is so big that she has difficulty controlling herself, Any other suggestions?
Posted by KOPsBecks
Oct 28, 2008
The most important thing here is that you are consistent, it is important that your dog doesnt jump up at you or anyone else.

If a dog jumps on you, stand upright, don't make eye contact - completely ignore, cross your arms and stand with your feet a little spread apart. Eventually she will stop jumping, when she does, that is the time to lean down to their level and pet calmly.

If she jumps up on other people and you are around you can use a tin filled with stones and shake it everytime she jumps up to put her off and shock her, then say "NO" very loudly and with assertion. This will be especially effective if your dog listens to you normally but sometimes just gets over excited. Make sure to reward her for good behaviour around people.

One suggestion if your out walking use a long lead, even one of those retractable leads and if she runs towards people, let her go but if she goes to jump, correct her first with your voice "NO", but if she does not listen then pull hard and sharply on the lead to correct her. Reward her for then not jumping up and call her to come back to you. Possibly try this the first few times with people who are prepared for a dog to come running towards then, like friends or family.

It is important to reinforce the obedience that she already has so I suggest taking her to obedience classes. It is much easier to control a dog who is regularly taught to listen to you and they really enjoy it too!

Good luck,