We Don't Eat When We Work!

Posted by kjd
Mar 17, 2011
It took me weeks to finally realize the problem. I'd try to get Sunna's attention in class with treats. She'd ignore me and them. Steak? Chicken? Cheese? Liverwurst? Hand it to her before class and she'd gobble it up. Offer it to her during class and she turned her head. When heeling, she'd stay just far enough ahead that I couldn't get the food in front of her face.

Last week, I came in with no treats. What a change! In heeling, she dropped back with her head by my side. I still don't get the attention other people do, but she no longer ignores me.

She likes the treats -- at home and in the clubhouse, outside of class. But she will definitely not work for food! It makes me wonder about her past. . .

Oh, yes, I've tried the clicker at home and she leaves the room when she hears it. Very strange.

It is nice to know what does work. But I really liked the idea of not using corrections as the main training tool. But Sunna is the boss on this one.