Yummy treats?

Posted by kacla
Mar 19, 2008
Right now I'm using little hotdog pieces but I would like to find a treat that's just as yummy but that I can keep in my pocket for training. So, what are you dog's favorite treats???
Posted by Todd
Mar 19, 2008
HI there and thanks for the question.

Hot dogs are very fatty so wouldn't be my first treat choice for training
Eukanuba and Hills both make very good dog training treats that are healthy for your dog.
Other than that try finding Liver treats these are liver that has been dried into sheets making them easy to break, dogs love them and they are one of my favourites.

Anyone else?

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Mar 20, 2008
Hi there.

I agree with Todd about hotdogs. They are not only fatty but also too salty for dogs.

I used low calorie treats or dog food kibbles usually but for special occasions I give freeze dried liver treats. My dogs love them but you wouldn't want to give too much.

All my training treats are smaller that my pinky finger nail. Dogs can even smell tiny bread crumbs so treats don't need to be big, just enough size that they can smell and taste,
Posted by Arlene
Mar 21, 2008

My 6-month old like Iams Puppy biscuits. I break each into 3rds to give as training treats.
Posted by taniajennifer
Mar 22, 2008
i use rollover in really tiny pieces.
Posted by Steph-ampWyatt
Mar 25, 2008
hi kacla,
How old is your dog and what breed? also very nice web site.
Steph& Wyatt
Posted by Blue
Mar 26, 2008
Hi there
Lots of good treat ideas here!!

Blue loves the wellness venison jerky - all natural jerky! (some of my friends have even tried it and said it was good, lol!). I break the jerky into smaller pieces for training purposes and she just loves them!

I have also used the dried liver treats Todd was talking about and Blue can smell them from a mile off (drooling dog ensues...).

Posted by kacla
Apr 6, 2008
Steph& Wyatt

My dog is a 4 month old English Mastiff named Harley. She's the best dog ever!
Posted by Tarnador
May 16, 2008
I find my dogs like most treats - it seems to be the fact that I am giving them something, rather than the food itself.

when I run out of treats I use their normal boring dried food- but because I am giving them one tiny piece from my pocket they act like it's something great.