Posted by hany
Apr 18, 2011
My dog already 1 years old, she very bad with come command, she understand but ignore the order sometimes, specially in the street when we walk , she understand but ignoring the order.
What shall I do ?
Waiting for your replay
Hany from Egypt
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Apr 18, 2011
Hi Hany,

How did you train your dog the come command? Did you use treats and praise? Do you sometimes use the command for something that is not pleasant for her, such as being scolded or ending fun times, etc.?

Also, what do you do when she ignores your come command? Do you call her many times until she finally comes, or do you go get her?

"Come" is one of the most important commands so you really need to reinforce it by calling her many times every day. You want to give her a jackpot treat (or maybe 2 or 3) every time she comes so that she will learn that coming when called always brings her something good. Make sure you don't just let go when she doesn't come. This will give her an idea that not coming is OK. If she doesn't come, don't wait. Just go get her. Never give her a choice. Also, call her with a happy tone of voice (even if you are not happy)
Posted by hany
Apr 18, 2011
Hi Max,
Thanks for your replay.
come command it was the first in secret to dog training, first week, 2 time ad day for 10 min. each time then advanced, a week 3 time a day 15 min. each time.
I never called her for not pleasant, in the beginning it was with treats the mixing between treats, toys, nice word.
when she ignore just little pull using leash and wait until she come then give treats.
I did every thing I wrote in the book as a master. but she is OK indoor but outdoor sometimes do sometimes ignore.
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Apr 18, 2011
Hi Hany,

So, your pup's "Come" is reliable inside the house and sometimes outside as well. That means there are more attractive things for her than coming back to you when she is outside. That is totally understandable. You can not win all those smells, other dogs and people, squirrels (I don't know if you have any in Egypt), etc.

You will just need to practice the command under all kinds of distractions. It looks like your pup is leashed and you are giving her a little tug so I cannot think of anything else but keep working on it. Maybe someone else can give you more suggestions.

Good luck
Posted by kjd
Apr 22, 2011

Try going back to the beginning while outside. Pretend it is a brand new command that she has never learned. Inside the house, continue as you already are, since she knows "come" always means "come" in the house.

Don't just call her when she is at the end of the leash -- sometimes call her when she is right by you. When she looks up at you and moves a bit closer, praise her and treat her.

When you think your dog knows a command and it isn't responding, you can get very frustrated. By assuming your dog doesn't know "come" outside, you get to train her, rather than feel she is disobedient.

However, if you truly believe your dog knows the command under all circumstances, then perhaps you need a harder correction. Instead of a little tug, one sharp jerk might get her attention. As soon as she turns to you, praise her and even repeat the command once in a happy voice "Good come."

Good for you, for keeping her on a leash! So many people feel they should let their dogs run loose. But even the best trained dog can be tempted by a cat (or a squirrel).

Good luck,