puppy crying/howling at night

Posted by lacamps
Dec 17, 2010

we brought our puppy home yesterday and she is howling and crying like mad when we leave her to go to sleep. we want to teach her that crying and howling is not the way to get attention, but as you can imagine it's very difficult to stay away when she is making such dire sounds... are we doing the right thing?

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Dec 18, 2010
Hi lacamps,

I know it is hard to ignore your puppy when she is crying so hard but you really have to be firm from the very beginning.

Are you crating her or just leaving her in a hallway or kitchen? You might want to make her a cozy corner with your old sweater or something. She will probably cry first week or so but don't even go check on her. If you do, she will learn that she can get your attention by howling or barking or whining.

Every little thing is learning experience for her so please be consistent otherwise you will confuse your puppy and it will just delay her settling down.

Good luck
Posted by KOPCaroline
Dec 20, 2010
Hey lacamps,

Most puppies do this for a few days, you just have to bear down and ignore it, she'll learn soon enough. Putting something that smells like you with her when you leave her for the night can help a lot. She will tire out and go to bed, but if you do go check on her she'll learn how to make you come running

It sounds awful, I know, but really she's just whining a bit and trying to get attention. Stick with ignoring it!