puppy poo problem

Posted by sostos82
Feb 6, 2012
hello there!my name is chrisostomos and i am writing you from greece.i am a happy owner of a 2 month old female pitbull which is the 3rd dog i adopt.i have to tell you that my 2 previous dogs were very well trained by me with no special knowledge in training,but with much patience and love.i got into buying your e-book because i know i have to deal not with a bad,but with a different dog from what i'm used to and i thought some pro help would be wellcomed since my previous dogs lived in my yard but i decided this one to live in my house with me..anyway my problem is that i can't make my puppy do her toilet where i want to.i cannot do the paper trick you recommend because my house is one single room and i cannot isolate her.i have her for almost 20 days and i have placed a floor cloth or sth i don't know the exact english word but it's especially for this job.i take her poo there so that it gets the smell.i take her there when she pees and i say to her ''don't'' when she pees on my carpet.i'm planning to take the carpet away so as to make it easier for her.she understands the meaning of ''don't''.what should i do?i also wanted to ask you when should i start training her with commands as sit,stay. she responds to come.thank you and i hope i haven't become much tiring with my long mail....thanks!!
Posted by KOPCaroline
Feb 7, 2012
Hi chrisostomos,

Congrats on the new pup!

Unfortunately, I think the best way to solve your poo problem is to sort a way to keep your pup confined until she learns where its ok to toilet. Have you considered a play pen or crate that you can keep puppy in when you're not directly supervising? A lot of owners have great success with this sort of training tool. This way, you can put puppy in the pen with a pee pad and her food (the food acts a deterrent to pooing in the direct area, so it will encourage her to poo away from it, thus, on the pad).

If you can't keep her contained to train her, I'm not sure the best thing to advise honestly, other than keeping a closer eye on her and taking her over to the pad when she shows signs of needing a break. Signs you could look for are circling, sniffing, squatting.

Other members may have more advice for you - but I hope this helps, and I hope you can sort some sort of pen for her, I really think thats the best solution Please keep us updated!