random walking

Posted by Zoey
Nov 16, 2008
I am trying the random walking and need to know if it's O.K. to be pulling my GSpup, it seems like when I change pace to a trot or run I am pulling her along, It did say no slack in the leash so it's OK to be pulling her where I want her to go?
Posted by LetsPlay
Feb 27, 2009
Hi there,
How old is your puppy?
The leash should not be slack, however if you are just dragging your dog behind you the learning effect might not happen. It is important that the dog learns to walk along with you and pay close attention to where you are going not where he wants to go. So whenever your dog is by your side paying attention to where you are going you need to praise him. As soon as he gets ahead of you and starts giving you directions you need to change direction, speed and keep the leash tight.
Hope that makes sense.
Let us know how you get on.