Posted by jb1958
Sep 29, 2011

I have a 20 month old westie x When he came to us he was not trained at all so have started alpha training which is going quite well and also the basic commands which he is getting better at. Needs lots of patience and time probably because of his age.

The big problem I have is leash training. He was on a harness because he pulled so much and although this is now a lot better I am trying to leash train him.
He sits with tail wagging when I put the collar on and sits to the left of me but as soon as i start walking he just sits or stands there and just wont budge! Hes also sometimes does this when we go for a walk on the harness. If I turn rght out of the house and he wants to go left he just sits or stands there and again wont budge. I give a tug on the lead but he just wont move.

Not sure the right way to go about correcting this so any hints will be much appreciated.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 1, 2011
Hey jb,

Great to hear that most training is going well with the little guy! Hope it keeps up that way!

As far as getting him to move on the lead, I would definitely keep using the halter until he's got it down - they allow you more control over your dog without hurting them by just pulling on the neck.

Have you tried taking his favorite toy or a ball/squeaker with you? When he gets stubborn, pull the toy out and squeak it or shake it in front of him, and say "lets go!" in a really excited voice! Alternatively, bring a couple treats/kibbles of food on the walk - pull one out when he stops to entice him to come your direction, but dont give it to him until hes actually going where you want - if he just reaches toward it, its not exactly coming with you! Praise him a lot in a really happy voice when he gets moving with you.

Try it and see how that goes - obviously you've figured out that just forcing him in your direction isnt motivation enough, so try providing something he really likes as enticement! Hope this helps!